About Us

Almus Vocational School was founded in 1995 in the natural paradise of the province of Tokat, Almus, on a 32-acre campus. Our school building is located right on Almus Dam Lake. With the new and modern building that started its activities in 2011, all kinds of modern education opportunities for our students are offered by expert instructors in its branch. Our active programs are continuing education; 


Hunting and Wildlife

Social Security

Office Management and Executive Assistance

Laboratory Technology

Forestry and Forestry Products

Mail Services Programs.


In our 6 active programs, there are 17 faculty members, 6 of whom are faculty members.


 Graduates are able to make successful results in the Vertical Transfer Exam and pass on to undergraduate level higher education programs. In the program introduction, students can choose which undergraduate programs they can place according to their graduation areas. Students who prefer our Vocational School have the chance to be assigned to public institutions more easily than other branches provided that they take the KPSS exam due to the nature of our programs. Graduated students of our school also have the opportunity to find jobs easily in their sectors as qualified intermediaries preferred by the private sector. For example; Graduates of the Bureau Management and Executive Assistantship Program can be employed in ministries or other public institutions as clerical clerks, postal service program graduates, postman and teller officers and social security program graduates can be employed as civil servants in various positions of SSI. On the other hand, graduates of Forestry and Forest Products Program and Hunting and Wildlife Program can be Forest Protection Officers with their KPSS scores, and our Laboratory Technology Program graduates can be employed in all areas related to laboratory services, especially private hospitals and health institutions.